Therapeutic Learning


All therapeutic learning activities are provided free of charge to all participants. For more information on when these opportunities are next available, check out our calendar page or submit a question on our contact page.

Equine Assisted Learning

We have someone with Equine experience able to provide equine assisted learning experiences for groups and individuals that take place at Bien Aimé Farm, a private residence that supports Evermore Community. Using a unique experiential approach to learning, Equine Assisted Learning promotes the development of life skills for educational and personal life goals through the use of equine assisted activities. As equines mainly use non-verbal communication, working with them provides an opportunity for participants to learn and understand how their non-verbal communication may be impacting and influencing the people around them and their relationships with others. It our goal that through these sessions and the work with the equine, participants will have a safe place to experience healing, develop a greater understanding of self-awareness and their worth, and cultivate critical life skills.

Music Therapy

A board certified music therapist uses music in various ways with kids of all ages and challenges to bring healing and hope. Using song writing and other musical forms to encourage self-expression, the music therapist is excited to use music therapy in the lives of kids who have been adopted. Music gives kids an opportunity to express themselves and their feelings without the need to use words. These events are usually in the summer.

Craniosacral Therapy

We are excited to offer families an opportunity to try craniosacral therapy. A certified craniosacral therapist will meet with kids and other family members by appointment and on group days. Craniosacral therapy uses light touch to realign and restore healthy balance of the neurological system.

Art Learning

Through art kids have an opportunity to get in touch with their thoughts and feelings without having to use words. Art learning activities are used to help kids with processing, coping, and understanding themselves, their families, and the way the world works.